Thursday, September 22, 2016

Getting rid of Christian or conscientious Doctors in Canada...

I heard on my radio news this morning that Prof Udo Schuklenk (a Cdn bioethicist) said that "Doctors have a professional obligation to put their morals aside and provide you with any legal medical service you need." (whether that is abortion or Dr assisted suicide) He also said “Traditionally we have accepted that there is something honourable about respecting doctors who object on grounds of conscience to the provision of certain professional services and we think we ought to accommodate them,” says Schuklenk, the Ontario research chair in Bioethics at Queen’s University in Kingston. “My problem with this attitude is that I think it is abusive behaviour. When you think about conscientious objection, you’ll find that it’s never a professional decision.”
I found this online:
Many doctors and religious groups oppose his views, calling them an intolerant attack on conscientious objection but Schuklenk says no one is forcing anyone to enter the profession. “When we take up a job, we know perfectly well what we have to deliver in terms of the scope of the job description,” he argues. “All of these doctors knew when they joined the profession that it would include the provision of abortion and it will also soon include the provision of medically aided dying. They also knew that job descriptions can change. Society ultimately decides the scope of the profession. If you don’t like it, do not join the profession.”
This report on the radio, and what I found above online, made me feel really ill. This professor also states that no one forces anyone to become a Dr and if you have conscientious objections due to morals or religious beliefs you should not become a doctor. 
I heard the above this morning on the radio news on News1130, a station I always listen to. I was shocked and appalled. So now we must get rid of all Christian thought, belief, all morals, all kindness to humanity, deny our Christian heritage and teaching, and think like this professor? Suddenly I desire to live in a different country, one with compassion and belief in God; I desire a heavenly country as I don't belong here on earth. But I can't let my light hide under a bushel. I totally disagree with this man. I believe there is a difficult fight ahead of us. I hope we can remain firm and steadfast and true above all to God and His righteousness.
By Loretta Houben

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