Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Prince and the Princess on Tour in Canada

The young Royal family visited British Columbia Canada from September 23 to October 2, 2016.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) brought their darling children, Prince George and  Princess Charlotte with them. Of course I didn't see them in person, but the internet is marvelous for photo opportunities.
These photos were found on Pinterest, and were taken by various photographers at Government House in Victoria on Thursday, Sept 29th.

Balloons and farm animals were the order of the day.
I love the expressions on little Charlotte's face.

She is just so adorable.

Little Prince George isn't far behind.

Princess Charlotte reminds me of Queen Elizabeth II.

She sat on the patient dog!

I love the clothes that she wears.

Princess Charlotte loved the balloons and spoke her first word in public: pop!

The children were seen three times; when they landed, at the party, and when they left from Victoria. It was a real treat.

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