Saturday, July 25, 2009

My last pink Saturday

Here is my last pink post for a while. The summer heat will be getting to me soon!
We don't have A/C. We live in the frozen tundra in North Canada, so why would we have A/C? It's not until 2003 that I began contemplating buying it, but that's getting off the subject.
I've also run out of pinks, due to my broken camera. It would cost, get this: $65 just to have someone at Nikon look at it. Isn't that ridiculous? So I have to throw it away.
I'm getting a brand new one in 4 weeks; I used some of my Airmiles to get it!
And the new camera will be PINK
So here are my 2 photos for pink Saturday.
They were taken at a miniature show I went to recently. These things are teeny weeny. If I had more time I would love to create things like this.
Have a wonderful pink day!
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♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Those teeny weeny are wonderful
Happy PS


Light and Voices said...

Sorry to hear that your camera broke and that you will not be posting on Pink Saturday for awhile. I do understand though. I bet you can hardly wait for the new camera to arrive. Soon the heat will pass. Fall is just around the corner. Meanwhile, smell the roses. Enjoy!
Joyce M

Claudia said...

I love miniatures! Hope your new camera comes even sooner than expected! Happy Pink Saturday!

Linda said...

Happy Pink Day! A new pink camera sounds really nice! What kind did you order? I saw London Drugs had a pretty pink one in their ad this week...

Anonymous said...

ooohhh the bedroom is just way too cute. From a dollhouse? And the box shelf filed with pink eggs. Yes, pink eggs are what I see LOL

Happy Pink Saturday!

Maybe you can come back to feature your new pink camera :-)


peppermint said...

Very cute miniatures! I hope your new pink camera comes soon! We'll miss you but looking forward to some great pics with your new camera.
Have a wonderful weekend.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Cold, dark, misty in my neck of the woods. My perennials are hiding and I am wearing a sweatshirt. Coming here today made my day a little brighter. Thanks so much.

See you later☻

I'm a little late with my Pink Saturday visits because I had my grandsons for the weekend and couldn't tear myself away from them☺

♥Wishing you and yours a week full of happiness♥

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

such darling tiny pinks! I'm sorry about your camera, but maybe it was meant to be; the pink camera was calling you! ha!

Sorry my visit is so late! Busy weekend and so many lovely pink blogs to visit!


Amy said...

I sure miss my old trusty film camera. I wanted to get it fixed but it was more to get it fixed than to buy a new digital model....soooo....I was a convert. I am unsure if I will EVER really feel as comfortable with my digital though. I also miss the point and shoot with no blur of my film camera. I have missed many "spur of the moment" moments!!!!
Good luck with your pink camera.