Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage photos of my sisters and I from long ago.

Aren't these photos cute? Well, I'm biased, so I think so! I do wish my mom hadn't curled my hair in ringlets! I think I would have been quite cute with my natural hair style, or short hair and bangs, which is what I secretly wished for back in 1970. My nose isn't half bad at this age, but alas, it didn't stop growing.
In October 1970 I had 2 sisters. We all knew another was on the way, and she arrived Dec 19. I'm currently going through my parent's photo albums. I will soon reach the ones that have Marie Yvonne in them.
I think we were all so cute back then. I always thought Marlene was the beauty of the family, with her big blue eyes!


Teragram Nebuoh said...

Great photos! I picked another bowl full of raspberries this morning - we had some of them for lunch - YUM!
I'll take some pics of the garden tomorrow & post them.

peppermint said...

The clothes and hair were so the style back then. Dont you just love going through family photos? I always wish that I had the dress, or purse or shoes now when I see what was in fashion back then.

Amy said...

Love these photos. It is so fun to remember things like how you WANTED your hair to be. I do that when looking at my old photos. I hated my uneven bangs or my droopy curls after sleeping in sponge curlers all night or socks rolled in my hair!!