Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas dinner at Matthew's place

Matthew cooking in his very clean kitchen, in his spotless apartment.
He moved here on Nov 28 and is enjoying it muchly.
There are no dirty dishes piled in the sink and the garbage is emptied before it's full!
Plus he can walk to work each day. It's in a nice area of town. I'm so happy for him, but you wouldn't believe the price of the astronomical rent.

Matthew invited us over for dinner last week, but became ill with a cold, so we went on Dec 21, which is why I call it a Christmas dinner. My parents couldn't make it. We enjoyed tasting Matthew's good cooking. He invents his own recipes. It's a Houben trait. He made rice, and added a potato, shallot, mushroom & zucchini combination on top, plus stir fried chicken and lamb pieces. Yummy!

Robert and I in Matthew's nice living room.
Matthew served us tea using his beautiful tea set from Uncle Antoon. It's hand painted in Japan.
I provided the homemade baking for dessert. I usually bake each Tuesday for Matthew, and I don't think he minds. These are some of his favourite Christmas cookies; Russian teacakes with maraschino cherries inside, and Magic Santa cookie bars. Afterwards we rented a funny DVD and watched it on Matthew's gigantic TV, which belongs to his room mate. It was a fun evening out.

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