Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Office Party 2010

This is an online card I designed for Fusionware Integration Corp, my hubby's computer software company. I think it turned out well, and it was fun to design. The font has been changed a bit, but hubby and co-workers liked the photo, which was taken in Hobb's Florist shop on W 41st Ave. Hobb's is a stunning visual store.

Justin and Pearl, Mark's kids, at the office party on Dec 20.
I tell you, I've had a whirl wind of a month, eating and enjoying concerts!
The food was delicious.

Robert wishing to eat the whole plateful of Antoon's freshly made Belgium waffles.
(a very secret Houben recipe) Yummy...they were superb. I ate 4.

The waffles close up, and my home baked cookies in behind.

More food.

Mark and his kids.


Teragram Nebuoh said...

It sounds like you had fun! Sylvia, Tony and Merina (and possibly Liz) are coming out to Barriere on Sunday. (see my blog for more info, I'm updating it next.)

Monica Bremer said...

The treats are magnificent! I wanna have those goodies in our office party too! So what's next for your party this year? I can't wait!