Friday, January 21, 2011

50th birthday party get together.

I keep in touch with high school friends from Windermere Secondary.
Each year Heather organizes a birthday lunch.
Last Sunday, January 16, we met at Griffins in the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Vancouver.
The last time I was there was for our honeymoon in 1982!
Heather brought beads for us all to wear. We celebrated our 50th birthdays.

Cindy, myself and Georgina. To me, no one has changed at all. It's such fun to get together and catch up on our news.

Gisella, Linda, Ellen and Helen. Every time I see these smiling faces, I remember my school days with fondness. Grade 8 was a dreadful year for me as I didn't know anyone. In Grade 9 I met Wendy and she invited me to sit with her and the girls in the lunchroom. We sat in the same spot for the next 4 years. Some of these friends are from that old lunch group.

Georgina, Heather and Ann. These 3 were in my Lit class. I adored Lit.

Well, this photo doesn't look that great, but the pink beef was absolutely superb.
The rest of the food was very good. We all had brunch; $39 each not including tax and tip, but it was well worth it!

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Helen said...

We look good!! Great Photos! That was so much fun. I agree, it is always nice when we get together and catch up.
I didn't see the beef until we were leaving. It was at another table. I would have enjoyed it.