Thursday, January 20, 2011

A snowy day!

I love to play with dolls, in case you haven't noticed.
A day spent doll playing is a good day!
I love to photograph them too, and sometimes use the photos for calendars.
Today we woke up to snow!
There's around 3" so far, and it's still snowing at 11:30 am.
I dressed 2 of my Bleuette dolls in their darling outfits.
The green knit dress was made by Georgia. I can't knit, and I think her knitting is gorgeous!
I made the green cloak, the red dress, and fur trimmed jacket.
Martha crocheted the red hat and 2 little purses.
The white hat was a prize I won, made by Jazzy Fran in Australia.
It's FUN to dress dolls!

Aren't they cute?
(I think they definitely need boots, though.)


Jane said...

Sweet dolls with lovely attire!

Shelley said...

Sounds like fun...snow and playing dolls...what a treat....your dolls are very their outfits too.....blessings

Shirl said...

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Love your pretty little dolls. I like to play with dolls too and paperdolls. Yours are precious. Your pictures are so pretty on your last few posts.
Shirls Rose Cottage

Jacqueline said...

Hi dear heart,
I have been absent for so long but I'm never far away, as you know.
I have BIG news...I am opening a store in Lynden in the Dutch Mother's building. Come and see me! I am opening Once Upon a Fairyland in Feb. I am searching for vendors of really cute stuff. Did you make any calenders for 2011 or any other cute Chatty stuff? Do you have dolls or goodies you might like to consign?
Email me at

Helen said...

Very cute! Love their outfits.