Monday, January 24, 2011

A very sad discovery...Memory Monday Jan 24, 2011

I just found out some devastating news; the Cloverdale Antique Mall will be closing at the end of February. This is one of my all time favourite places in our area in which to shop. In my middle years I'm growing so very tired of big box stores and big box malls. They irritate me with their boring sameness.

I've never been a mediocre sort of person, and at the age of 50 I won't be starting now! The pictures in my post today were taken in December 2005. The Antique Mall was only 6 years old. Now just 5 years later it's closing forever due to increasing cost of rent. I cannot say how sorry I am to hear this news.

I'm so sorry for the vendors. I wonder what will happen to their wares? This picture is taken in one of my favourite booths on the 2nd floor. The seller has everything arranged so precisely and so prettily.

Linda is looking over the wide selection. The whole store is this interesting. There are 18,000 square feet!
I found this stunning handmade carousel horse, and posed my Chatty Cathy doll on it.
The more I stared at it, the more I decided I should buy it, and so I did, and it's in my bedroom where I've never grown tired of it to this day.

Myself in my favourite booth. I must get back here again soon!
Oh, what is happening to our world when antique malls fold up?


Linda said...

that is indeed sad, I was only ever there the time with you (as seen in the photo with my wild hair hanging when you bought the horse but it was a fun place and I loved the booth on the second floor as well....I don't do change well either....I wonder if the vendors will find another place to display?

Shelley said...

It looks like a wonderful sorry they are having to far are you from Lynden Wa. USA...Jackie is opening a new shop..Once upon a Fairyland....go to her blog to read all about it.....thanks for sharing the pictures...they are wonderful....blessing

Helen said...

You bought a handmade carousel horse! Good for you. I didn't know about that. I would never get tired of looking at that carousel horse either.
that is sad news. I've never been to the mall, but by the photos, I can see it is a very special place. Maybe I should go see it quickly.

Pam said...

I hate to see local shops close. And it looked like they had some pretty neat stuff there. I was just reading your previous post about 50. I only have 6 more months until I turn 50. Not looking forward to it.