Saturday, December 10, 2011

50 years ago...Windermere High School

Windermere Secondary School in Vancouver BC turned 50 this December.
We attended the 50th reunion at the school.
It was fun to meet a few of my old classmates. I wish more would have attended.
There was a great crowd out, and not enough room in the gym for all who did come.
Most of them were from the 1960's era.

I attended this school from 1973-1978.
I adored school once I finished Grade 8. I've always enjoyed learning.
There are many fond memories of this place, and it was fun to visit again.
Matthew also went to this school, from Sept 2003 - June 2007.
He didn't want to return.

Helen Lee and I, in Mr. Grasdale's old science room on the second floor.

Helen and I in the main hallway.

Assembly in the gym. This was also the place where I graduated; no fancy Queen Elizabeth Theatre for the 1978 class!

Chhalinder, Leona, Helen and I.

The delicious birthday cake prepared by Windermere students.

A sign of the changing demographics of Windermere!

The 1970's decade of students.

Leona and Mr. Jewel, her former science teacher.

The spot in the lunch room where we used to sit each day.
My friends used to shout hello to Leona when she wandered past.

An old annual with my uncle's photo.

Dennis Williams, Grade 10.
It was a fun evening, but not long enough to catch up!


Anonymous said...

Well now I'm really confused. a class reunion is generally, I thought based on the year of graduation not on the year the school opened. I've been looking for news of a 50th reunion just
lately, thinking it would be next year ( 2014 ) I was in the 1st graduating class ever ( 1964 ). Now I see from your blog that it has already been held. Sad, I live in Panama City in Central America and was prepared to make the trip to Vancouver next year. You have a nice blog, by the way. Robert Potuzak Windermere 1961 to 1964

Loretta said...

Hello, Robert. Thanks for your kind comment and compliment! If you contact Windermere Secondary School at 604-713-8180 or check out their website: you might be able to find out. Wow, 50 years! Amazing! I think one of my uncles graduated that year...his name is Robert too; Robert Williams, known as Bob. I'll double check with him.

David Brcok said...

Wow, I see Dennis Jewell looks as good as ever. One of the best teachers ever.

Heather Farquhar said...

I thought you might like to know that there are a couple of Facebook pages worth mentioning. One is a memorial for Windermere students that have passed on. Way too many I'm sad to say

And the reunion group. A place to keep up with friends and post Windermere events

Loretta said...

Thanks, Heather; I follow the memorial page; very sad indeed.
I just noticed your comment now, June 6, 2018! There are no notices sent to me by the blog whenever anyone comments.