Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas activity 2011

I'm getting rather busy!
I'm hard at work on Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, decorating, baking and working on my Bible study course project. It's due on Dec 19 and I hope to submit it before then as it's weighing heavily on my mind. It's worth 30% of my mark.
I took my exam last Monday and think I did fairly well, although it wasn't a multiple choice questionnare as promised, but a tricky worded true/false set of 60 questions. Oh my!
We are having fantastic fall weather this year. The sun has shone so much I'm not feeling any SAD symptoms. I usually am feeling really down by this time of year due to all the dreary wet weather, but we've had such lovely cold, crisp sunny days that I'm doing really well this year.
It snowed a bit in November but melted quickly. It hasn't snowed yet this month.
I wonder how your Christmas getting ready time is going?

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