Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas shopping 30 years ago!

Dec 28, 1981...Boxing Day shopping!
Christmas Day was on Friday of that year, so I assume that Boxing Day sales were on that Monday.
I can't remember! Anyhow, my Aunt Pat and cousin Judy Brutka came up from Brooks, Oregon and spent a few days with us. There was snow on the ground so we took the #27 Rupert Bus, near Rupert and McHardy, to Champlain Mall off Kerr St in Vancouver. That was a really nice little mall, but it was torn down around 10 years ago and a row of town houses were put in. I still miss that mall!
Left to right above: Marlene (16), my Mom (48), myself (21), Judy, and Marie (11).

We usually shopped at Hallmark, where they had the most beautiful things half price.
Hallmark items used to be made in the USA or Canada.
Do you remember those days? We also bought Purdy's candy half price.
Left to right: Myself, Aunt Pat, Marie; in back: my Mom and Marlene.
I don't know why Leona wasn't with us.

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