Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dickens Sweet Shop

Here are a few more pictures taken at the Dickens Sweet Shop in Chilliwack BC.
The place is fascinating. It must have taken the owners years and years to collect all this stuff!
Here is a Model T Ford, with Walt, my Dad, and Robert posing beside it.
This room was in back of where we ate.
My Mom and I were rather surprised that we ate amongst the antiques; we thought the tea room would be in a separate area. The dust really bothered my Mom but didn't affect any of the rest of us.

This is the same room that contained the Model T Ford.

Upstairs were 3 rooms. One of them had a magnificent Titanic display in remembrance of the 100th anniversary. These are reproductions.

This was the stairwell!

Another room held WWII memorabilia. My Dad and Robert were fascinated with this room.
One of the many display cases in the Royal room.
I could have spent 2 more hours in this museum.
I guess we'll have to go back!

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