Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kate and William's First Anniversary!

Today we celebrated the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first anniversary,
(otherwise known as William and Kate) by driving out to Chilliwack, BC and having a special
tea at the Dickens Sweet Shop.
Isabelle and Walt, with Linda P were also in attendance.
We took my parents too, and had a grand time.
It was a sunny warm day, at least in Chilliwack, and the drive out was lovely.

The shop, besides selling all manner of British sweets, also has a huge museum which
contains WWII items, Royal family memorabilia, and many other things which would take hours
to gaze at. I think my Dad and I could have spent another 2 hours there.
I especially loved the Titanic display for the 100th anniversary.
We had tea/coffee at 12 noon, then appetizers.
We each got a tray like the above with sandwiches, pastries and desserts.
It was all delicious. 

Here we are in our fancy dress, in honour of Kate and William.
If only they knew!
We also watched a video of their wedding.
It was a special outing and very enjoyable!

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jenann said...

You certainly seem to be having a lovely sociable time! Hope the feast was good, too.
Here, Will's poor Grandmama had a wet and windy visit to Wales as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour and we were touched that she opened the new school at Aberfan, where so many little children lost their lives in 1965. She fulfilled her promise to the villagers so many years ago.