Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two more dolls!

Last Saturday we took my parents to an antique/collectible show in New Westminster.
It was a bit of a disappointment as it was mostly what I call "junk"!
However, I managed to find a few nice things, including the antique handmade doily, the little bisque black baby, and the two old photos which I'll use in my doll's house.
The little Ginny I bought from Linda, who I also met at the show.
It was a fun day!
We also spotted a beautiful Simon and Halbig doll but she was $560 so neither of us bought her.
Maybe one day...

I just love this little baby. I believe they were made in the 1920's.
This one has JAPAN stamped on its back.
I have another similar to it, given to me by my aunt Frieda T in 1978.
She had always wanted one as a little girl, and never had one.
She knows I love dolls so she sent me one.

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