Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My 52nd birthday at Othello Tunnels Part Three

We first heard about the Othello Tunnels just past Hope BC from Sylvia, who had visited them with Antoon. I had also heard about them from a writer friend. They are simply spectacular. I have never seen anything so awe inspiring or such majestic scenery. Remember that I haven't yet been through the Rocky Mountains! I just loved this place and was quite enthralled with it all.
Here I am before entering the first tunnel, which was completed in 1915 for the railway line.
The train ran through here until the 1960s when it was closed because of the Trans Canada Highway being built.

Look at the rock face.

If you click on all these pictures they will enlarge.
I urge you to click on this one and notice the crazy man on the right hand side.

The Coquihalla River rages past this area, and flows through a narrow gorge under the bridge. The first bridge shakes and shudders from the force of the water.

It's a most amazing place!

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