Monday, May 6, 2013

An 88 year record breaker!

All my tulips are blooming and about to wilt in our 28 C heat wave here in Vancouver!
It's an 88 year old record breaker, meaning there hasn't been an early May heat wave here since 1925!!!
No wonder I couldn't remember it. That was before my Dad was born.
It feels so weird. That's around 90 F! 
I had to put the sprinkler on yesterday or the flowers would die and shrivel up.
The grass also will start looking strange. It was uncomfortable sleeping last night so at 2 am I headed downstairs for the couch. It's much cooler at night in the lower level.

I took these photos on Saturday in the cool of the morning.
I haven't made anything new for poor neglected Chatty Cathy in a while.
What I do make I sell, so my dolls are rather neglected.
If you live in British Columbia, stay cool and use sunscreen!

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