Friday, May 3, 2013


My genealogy research has now become even more mysterious.
Tee know I love a good mystery!
Jacqueline V my second cousin, has sent me emails of all these old photos, found in her Dad's (Sydney Palmer) collection. We don't have any idea who they are, but assume they may be relatives.
I really love the one above and wish I knew who they are!
Robert did a little researching and discovered that the symbol on the man's left sleeve has a meaning:
The crossed flags mean he is a signaler and the crossed rifles mean he is a marksman.
Does this mean he was involved in WWI?
I love the lady's hat!

This photo was very spotted with age, so I removed them as best I could and brightened it.
I wonder who these 3 young women are, and where are they? 
I would date this photo as being in the mid 1920's. The skirts are nearly up to the knees and they are wearing cloche hats. 

Jacqueline and I believe this may be Herbert Palmer's 2nd wedding photo.
He re-married May in 1942. At this point in time I don't know her maiden name.
I've emailed their daughter, Veronica, and asked and am waiting for a reply.
If this is May, that might be her parents to her left, on the right of the picture.
Oh, I do wish that people would have written names on the back of these photos.
How helpful that would be!

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