Friday, October 18, 2013

Our new fence and gates!

This summer we had some renovation work done. Linda's hubby, Fil took down our old fence which was falling over, and the side gate which was broken and put up cedar fencing panels on the side, and measured and designed (with my help) a side gate and a beautiful front fence. K & K Aluminum made the fence to Fil's specifications, and installed it on October 4. Isn't it wonderful? 

It feels like a dream! Here is Robert coming home from work on the day of installation.

Here is our house from the side.

We just love it!



Gerardo @ River Oaks Fence Company said...

I love your new fence too! It's simple yet attractive. Fences give definitive border to your property and also help with additional curb appeal. And since yours is made of wood, appropriate care and maintenance should be done. Don't try to add in plant pots or anything that can add pressure and weight to the wood. You can help prolong its life that way.

Kristina Gill said...

Wow! Good job on the new fence. It's simple but will do a good job of keeping unwanted visitors away from your lawn. Best of all, it doesn't steal attention from your lovely house.

Kristina Gill @