Saturday, November 2, 2013

Two beautiful dress sets.

Are these not darling and beautiful outfits?
They were not cheap! I bought them at the American Girl store down in Alderwood Mall 3 weeks ago; the mall is near Seattle. Robert has kindly driven me there around 4 times now, or more. I've lost track! It opened in the summer of 2011, and our first trip down was with Linda Pepa and her granddaughter Dakotah. These outfits are a tan coloured knit with sparkles. I can't possibly make anything like this, so I splurged. If I had a little girl, this is how I'd dress her.

I've fallen in love with Bitty Baby! I bought this one for only $30 used at the Puyallup doll show. Linda's beady eye spotted her. There was exciting dolly news this week in Vancouver!
The Indigo store downtown on Robson street (otherwise known as Chapters Books) is teaming up with American Girl Mattel store, and they are opening an AG section next spring 2014!!!!
That means I won't need to get my hubby to take me to Seattle anymore...I can just hop on the Skytrain and in 25 minutes be in the store! The AG dolls each have a story book that comes with them, which is why the book store is taking them on. I can hardly wait!
Loretta Houben


Simply Shelley said...

Such sweet adorable dresses and dolls. I once had a bitty baby,but alas sold her on ebay. Who knows maybe I shall come upon another one day while I am out and about :) I know you are very excited about the dolls coming to your neighbor hood. Our closest AG Store is about 150 miles. I have wanted to go with my granddaughter for sometime,but haven't been able to yet :( Blessings friend

S said...

They look beautiful! I am fortunate to have an AG store close to me in Columbus, Ohio. I don't have a AG doll, but am thinking of getting one. They are cute. My friends daughter has a Bitty Baby and they are adorable. I am thinking of a mini one also. I love Molly and several others. Sally

Loretta said...

Thanks, Shelley! I am very excited about the store coming to Vancouver. I hope it will do well and stay longer than a year. Things tend not to last in this city.

Loretta said...

Thanks, Sally! I have quite a few AG dolls. I need to do a photo shoot. If you scroll through my labels on the right hand side, one of them is "AG dolls".