Monday, March 7, 2016

35 years ago...our very first date.

March 7, 1981 (how very ancient that looks) Robert finally took me on a date.
It wasn't his idea though. 
Jake and Effie Fiddick, who attended our church, decided to invite us both over for dinner.
They called me on the phone and gave me the invitation.
I thought it was weird that they spoke to me.
Well, Effie did. I asked if she meant my whole family to come, as she was unclear, and she said, oh no...just you.
So I asked how I was to get to their house on Greta Street, and she said "Robert will pick you up, if that's OK with you."
And that's the beginning, or rather, continuation of the story, as back in December 1980 when my cousin, Judy Brutka, came up for a visit, she prompted me to invite Robert over for tea after evening service at church. She even said if I'd do it, she would come to church.
Oh the memories....those happy golden years!
The above photo was taken in July 1981 at Portland OR campmeeting.
By Loretta Houben

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